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>>>A03<<< is the final sem and this is the final assignment to be submitted…this assignment 3 have be carefully planned and organized as lots of things have to be considered..There few elements that i have gave importance to in order to design my lesson, activities, task sheets and many more. i would like to share the main 7 elements or aspects that i focussed while designing and completing my assignment 3. The elements are like below:-

1. Fun Environment

– The very first and important aspect that i would focus in the environment. You would be wondering what does designing lessons got to do with environment but i designed the lesson in such a way where it even needs a fun environment. There is a activity that i have designed where the tables and chairs have to be moved and rearrange to play the game. the new environment is very fun and they will be happy to participate in the activity rather than they sitting at their very normal and boring usual place.

2. Effective Assessment

– For me assessment is very important as it is the one that merely judges the success of a lesson or activity that is being carried out. Assessment shows the level of understanding of the pupils. So, an effective assessment is needed and it should cater each and every pupil in the class. The teacher also needs to play a very crucial role whereby she/he should not be bias when assessing the pupils.

3. Motivating Lessons

– Just by using the text book and writing on the whiteboard is merely boring and a child really hates it. So in my activities i have designed colourful book, pictures, flash cards and also games that children would love to take part. it does not only will captivate their interest but motivates them to learn and also be interested in the subject as well. Motivating lesson not only important but the teacher should also motivate them by praising even if they are wrong as long as their trying. Rewards and prizes given during the lesson i would say really motivates them to take actively in the lesson.

4.  ICT

– Nowadays all the children are advanced in technology and if ICT elements is inserted in the lesson, they will be so interested in the learning. If the teacher is just going to use the text book and marker pens, they rather stay at home and sleep! even we do the same right? even those who do ot have ICT facilities at home, will be very much captivated as they get to do new things and also feel proud about it. So, i have inserted the elements to make my teaching and learning process FUN!!!

5. Collaborative Learning

-Here it basically means group work. I feel that pupils should learn from each other not just by the teacher alone. They should collaborate and learn from one another and in order to create this, the lesson such be designed in a way that inculcates collaborative learning. By just asking them to do group is more than enough.

6. Hands-on activities

– To teach little children, you need them to participate actively; they need to do hands on activity. Suggested activity in my lesson is the children themselves taking part in the game and also using computers to design posters which will make them to feel the sense of achievement thus improves their attitudes towards learning as we all know how boring learning language can be.

7. Equal chance

– i believe that the main quality the teachers need is to be fair and treat each and every pupil equally. Due to this, the lesson in the class should not be bias. Teacher should allow peoples to make mistake and be free in class. All the pupils should get this chance. Even to present and perform, every single one of them should get the opportunity. When the pupils know they are treated equally, they will like you and thus give their full attention in class.

These  are the main elements that i focussed when designing my lessons and also the activities. i trust that when the main 7 elements above is covered, the lesson is surely a success. okay. thats all from me…till then….


* e-book *

e- book is another amazing gift that i felt that i received from Mr. ICT……it just makes teachers life much more easier when it comes to the part where we need to enhance pupils reading skills…:P…THNK YOU….let me just tell you what i knw about e-book…..According to wikipedia….basically e- book is an  electronic book (also e-bookebookdigital book) is a text and image-based publication in digital form produced on, published by, and readable on computers or other digital devices. Sometimes the equivalent of a conventional printed book, e-books can also be born digital. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines the e-book as “an electronic version of a printed book, but e-books can and do exist without any printed equivalent. E-books are usually read on dedicated devices known as e-Readers or e-book devices. Personal computers and some cell phones can also be used to read e-books.

There million of e-book that can be downloaded (some are even free) but at times it is not that suitable for Malaysian pupils and also suitable for their level of competency….So, some editing need to done in order to cater our pupils. i have got this cute little e-book from online and found it was an very interesting stories with lots of moral values and the best of all the pictures are really beautiful and captivating.

However, as I have mentioned above, changes need to be done as I feel that the language is way too high for our pupils and rather boring. Boring here means that it is dull due to the plain white background and this may not grab their attention as I feel that our Malaysian children things which are colourful…to make it short and easier, below are the list of changes that I have done to cater my pupils to….

1. Added/ change the background of the page.



–         This is to captivate pupil’s interest to the e-book so that they will be focus throughout the class. Children just love it when it is colourful.

2. Change the type and size of the font.



–         This is to make children to have a clear vision of the words or the story. The font plays a crucial role so that pupils know the alphabets well and also are able to follow the storyline without any problem.

3. Change the sentence structure to a simpler version.



–         This is done to cater the level of proficiency of the pupils. When it is too difficult or challenging for the pupils, they may lose concentration on the story and the lesson may fail. A little challenge for them is enough to make them learn.

4. Separate 1 page to two pages.


–         I separated that I page into two so that the pupils will not be confused of the pictures and words as you can see below. When I separate it they will be able to understand better as they are picking up slowly. In this way, they will be able to follow the story line well.

5. Underline ‘new vocabulary”.

–         Difficult words or new vocabulary are underlined throughout the story. This is for the pupils to remember and learn the new words. The line helps the pupils to give extra attention and focus to the word as it is new to them.

Above are all the changes I have made to suit my pupils and a perfect e-book to be used in the classroom in a lesson….Hope the children will love this e-book….till….will be back soon…

*pErSoNaLiZeD LeArNiNg*

Hurmmmm….what is personalized learning?? based on my understanding….

Personalized Learning puts the needs of students FIRST! Personalized Learning honors each student as an individual learner, recognizes that each student has his or her own learning style, unique gifts, interests, aspirations, and challenges to learning, and supports each student to learn in his or her own unique way.this is a sample of how i can use personalized learning in the classroom.

Year: 5

Level of proficiency: Average proficiency

Enrollment: 24

Focused Skill: Writing

Integrated Skill: Speaking and Reading

Language Focus: Facial Expression

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:-

1) To guess correctly the facial expression.

2) Design “a friend” of them based on their own imagination.

3) Write an essay about their ‘friend”

4) Talk about their “friend” to their class.

Set Induction:

1. Teacher ask pupils to guess the expression that the teacher does. e.g- smiling.

2. Teacher ask pupils to demonstrate some expression they know and their friends are to guess it.


1. The teacher pre teaches the facial expression and asking to spell it out loudly.

2. Pupils are to do the expression when they spell out the expressions.

3. Teacher sticks pictures of various facial expression and pupils are to come in front and match the expression wit its correct name.

4. Teacher prepares picture of parts of body. e.g..3 different eye brows, smiles and etc.

5. Teacher tells out an expression example: angry, pupils are to guess the correct eyebrows, mouth and so on to fit the expression told by the teacher.


1. Teacher introdueces to the pupils about this website :-

2. Teacher tells pupils that they are going to create “a friend”, they first type out the name of their imaginative friend and design according to their imagination of their friend based on the templates given in the website.

3. Teacher demonstrates an example and then facilitates pupils in creating their ‘ new friend”

4. Once they have done with their imaginative friend, they are to save it and write a little a bit about their friend

things to be in the short essay: description of their friend, why they choose a particular facial expression, e.g angry face. example: this is my friend sharmila, she is from Perak, she has just broke her watch, that is why she is sad. hope she will be fine.

5. Teacher goes around and facilitates the class.


1. Pupils are to come in front and introduce their friend to the whole class while the teacher flashes the picture of their imaginative ‘ friend”

p/s: picture are to be uploaded soon due to connection problem.

hai everyone…sorry for the delayed arrival of my blog due to sum unavoidable situations. hurm…after looking through all of my fellow classmates presentation on the game “who wants to be a millionaire”, i was extremely amazed on the various methods and techniques can be used in a classroom during lessons. Never once in my mind it ever crossed that the world famous game show “who wants to be Millionaire” can be used to teach kids…Thanks to Ms. NG for enlightening us in this matte. it is one of the most fun way of carrying out lesson and i beleive that children will love it.. So i have learnt that anything is possible if we can put lots of effort. being a teacher especially an English Primay School Teacher, i need to be very creative in designing each and every aspects of my lesson. thinking out of the box is the first requirement i suppose. children just love learning in a fun way and this is one of the best example.

let me just reflect on designing our own game of who wants to be a millionaire..

the aspect we focused on was the question on the topic visit our game we have inserted some elements on general knowledge which includes history and speciality of the particular places and the places has been taught or discussed in class before we organize the game…the question that we have prepared has an increasing level of complexity….in simpler words, the more money you want, the tougher question u got to answer…i feel that this type of game actually motivates children as it makes it business like which is in a professional manner…

Our group decided to stay put on the reward which is money as nowadays kids, ‘money is more important that toys to them…we will explain to them that the winner with the most money, will be the champion and be awarded a mysterious gift…this suspense can lead them to stay excited throughout the whole game…

we also suggested to provide ‘BONUS” gift when they reach certain level of the game, where we are going to prepare templates of places to visit in Malaysia in an envelope, so when the a particular group reaches that level, a representative goes and choses the envelope containing ‘a trip”. we decided to have these, to motivate pupils and maintain the excitement and active participation among them so everyone gets to learn.

We changed the fonts, colours and design to be more revealing for kids and some audio to it to make it look real. when they love it, they learn from it. we have complete trust that our pupils will love this method of learning… Looking at different groups, they came with awesome ideas which can be used in classroom as well…they are simply smart, we had stars and even a story sort of game….AWESOME isnt it??? THANKS GUYS for the great idea..

this is a good lesson that i have learnt that do not just relay on the traditional way but think creatively in designing lesson for our beloved pupils…till then try it….bye bye…

*WelcoMe To My ZoO*

Zoo World is indeed an awesome game not only among the facebook users but as well as those little ones in Primary. Children actually learn really a lot by playing this game as it teaches them various names of animals and the characteristics of it and even the type the belong to. As for example, reptile, mammal and etc..

They even get to see a very clear picture of these animals from the time it was a baby and till it is big. In this way, they can remember the names clearly as well as the picture of the animals.

It is like a business as well as it teaches how to attract customer to actually come and visit your own designed zoo to earn money. This aspect actually teaches the children to appreciate and work hard for a living. They should know how difficult it is to earn good money. So, this motivates them to decorate and buy more facilities to enhance their zoo to attract customers. Children not only will acquire a wide range of vocabulary of animals but also in others.

This is because in order to upgrade your zoo, you need to buy a candy shops, balloon shops, ice cream shops and etc. and not only, you have to hire people to clean your zoo whom are called the zoo keepers.

Such an interesting game and students can actually share their creativity and we can see how they actually enhance their thinking skills in this game. This Zoo World is very suitable to our students especially as although they are addicted to this game, they addiction is just for them to learn, the more they are addict to it, the more they learn. This is why I chose this Zoo World as one of the best game to be used in a classroom.

Year: 5

Level of proficiency: Average proficiency

Enrollment: 24

Focused Skill: Reading

Integrated Skill: Speaking and Writing

Language Focus: Vocabulary

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:-

1) Acquire a wide range of vocabulary (e.g-names of animals)

2) Decorate their zoo and earn as much as possible

3) List down the items in their zoo.

4) Talk about their created zoo.


1. Teacher flashes and demonstrates the zoo by showing slowly the development of the zoo from the beginning until it becomes a very huge and beautiful zoo.

2. Teacher just randomly picks animals and asks if pupils can identify them and then pre-teach them regarding the animals.

3. Teacher then asks what animals do they like to keep if they have their own zoo.

4. Teacher group them 3 in a group and tells them that it is a competition among them- which means the most earned and the most beautiful zoo with various animals wins the game.

5. Teacher teaches them how to play and let them play the game in a computer lab. Teacher goes around and facilitate. Teacher gives them a period of time as a dateline to present their zoo.

6. Besides just playing the game and taking care of the zoo, they are to create a scrap book containing all the items that they have in their zoo including animals. (list of vocabulary)

7. On the day, they have present their zoo and all three have to come in front and present their zoo- they have to explain why they choose to decorate in such away, why certain animals and how much they have earned- they are also to answer questions post by other pupils in the class.

8. Another person from the group reads out the vocabulary list and others add on if they do not have the vocabulary.

9. Teacher then praises them for the effort and gives a reward to the best zoo (earned the most and got the most number of vocabularies).

10. Teacher also asks the pupils to write an essay on the experience playing the game and what they have gained from it.

Looks awesome right???trust me the kids will enjoy learning through this game and you can see the wonders children can do. So, feel like trying this game??just click on the Image below and njoy!!!!! is certainly a very useful website both for the teachers and also the students. Both parties gain benefits from the varieties of functions available in this particular website. The tools provided in this website can be divided into two, tools for teacher’s usage and also tools for students to involve in the activity designed in the website itself. Tools such as ‘lesson plan’ provide lesson plan designed by the website service provider themselves according to the subject. The lessons are breaking into artist series, math and science, language art and social studies. The tool ‘for educator’ offers general information about the website and the basics to use the website as a teaching tool. As for students there are six main tools provided for them to interact with the website.

Firstly, is the tool ‘spell a picture’

needs student to spell the item shown on the monitor.This actually help pupils to enhance their spelling skills as well as improvise their thinking skills. in this way, it actually helps the kids to upgrade their vocabulary knowledge and remember the words and its spelling better.

Secondly, is the tool ‘make a movie’

which enable students to drag the item they think suitable for background selected.this is very interesting for them as they will get theri chance to make movie. children love movies and as for that, they will be motivated and also proud with their outcome. they will learn about the things and the where it should be. for example, a knife should be in the kitchen.

Then it is ‘Make a card a day’

which is a tool which enable students to design their own cards. As for example, father’s day is just around the corner and teacher can actually let them make their own cards, it does not only enhance their creativity but also get the chance to express their feeling which simultaneously improvise their writing skills.

The tools ‘make a drawing’ and ‘make a picture’

trains students to arrange and create arrange and creating pictures, children are actually thinking using their prior knowledge and also improve their kinesthetic skills, when they themselve start to draw, they will be able to relate to their daily life experiences.

The last tool is the ‘tell a story’

where students can develop their own storyline with a book interface provided. How long children have to listen to stories of others?Now it is their turn to do so and this tool gives them a chance. not only enhance their thinking skills and creativity but also motivate them to learn. They will be able to express their thougts and some even their dreams thru this. it would really interesting for them provided with the colourful pictures in it. in addition to that, they improve their writing skills too.

The first limitation to use the website is internet access. In our country it is very hard to see schools with a complete internet lab and internet connections. It will be a problem to the user even if the signal weakens. Teacher and students have to sign up if they want more access from the website and this will also limit the usage of the website. The activities are also designed following the curricular of each state in America; therefore teachers must select the activity properly so that it is suitable for the classes they are teaching on that day. The activities are very interactive and as for that the activities can be used during the set induction which will certainly attract student’s interest on the topic of the day. The topic can be also used at the end of the lesson to sum up the lesson for the day. The website is user friendly and easy to explore by the teachers. For example the’ lesson plan’ tool offers teachers the lesson and the task sheet in PDF form which can easily being saved or printed out into a hardcopy. The website also provides instruction to make the teachers ease through in using them later on. The tools are mostly suitable for lower primary students as the activity is mostly related to pictures and it will be more enjoying for these young students as well. I think that the website is very useful and interactive for the young primary school students and they will enjoy their learning definitely.

 Hey there, I am back again to share with all of you all on TPACK and also how have I imply it during my teaching practice…okay, let’s go….

 Here, TPCK aims to nurture good teaching by understanding the contents in teaching and learning using technologies, pedagogical techniques that use technology in constructive ways, knowledge of what makes concepts difficult or easy to learn and how technologies can address the problems students’ face. However there is no single technological solution that applies for every teacher/student or even every method of teaching but the quality of teaching is surely to be enhanced with the application of TPCK. So, let us see how TPACK actually helped me to enhance and give a quality lesson to my students.
 This is a lesson that has the integration of all which equals to TPACK….so, lets see
Class                              : 1 Merah
Age                                : 7
Date                               : 5th August 2010
Time                               : 5.25- 6.25pm
Enrollment                         : 17
Theme                              : World of Knowledge
Topic                              : Weather
Proficiency Level                  : Mixed Abilities
Main Skill                         : Reading
Integrated skill                   : Listening and Speaking
Language Focus                     : Noun
 I started off with a video as the set induction, trust me that would be the best set induction; it can actually make all of them to be glued to the video and pay full attention to the class. In addition to that it helps to arouse interest among them. So, in this video, the content knowledge is delivered with the help of technology. 
Then the noun should be emphasized and be repeated so that they can remember better. This time, I combined the content, pedagogy and technology (TPACK) by teaching them about weather using powerpoint slides. The slide show not only helped me in designing the lesson fast but also made the learning enjoyable. The animation in slides actually made the children remember better as it the words has its own movements. It also helped to motivate the children. I flashed the slide one by one… repeated the noun “RAINY” as for an example and they repeated after me. While teaching them using the slides which has the words and pictures, I post questions in order for them to give response (to improve speaking skills :P). In this while activity, I was able to integrate all three (content, pedagogy and technology) which is TPACK!!! Hmm….finally it is not hard to imply though. 
At the end I gave them dialogue sheets containing the nouns that I taught them and each of them will be grouped and will have a badge containing the noun. Okay, I know you all are confused, no problem. Below, they are sample of the dialogue sheet and the badge example: the “rainy group”. So those in the rainy group will have to say out they dialogue in the sheet provided. So, through this, I have also included all three again as I created the task sheet and badge, print it out (technology) which contains the noun (content) and also assisted gave instructions to them to complete the lesson (pedagogy).


So, this is a sample of lesson that I used TPACK in designing a lesson for my adorable Year 1 kids.Hope the teachers out there now know that we can sure provide a quality teaching and learning with the help of TPACK.









10. Classroom based assessment

You will be wondering what sort of wish is this..whether it has any connection to ICT but for me it does. When ICT is used in classroom learning, there should be an assessment on this so that pupils will learn on ICT as they are so exam oriented. I hope teachers do not assess them based only on their outcome meaning to say the most beautiful and creative product but their participation, their interest and how they are putting the effort to learn about ICT. For example, if we ask pupils to design a power point slideshow, we should not give the highest to mark to those who produce their most sophisticated or bombastic slides but other criteria should be taken into consideration. This is actually to motivate them to learn and not embarrass to use ICT to learn.

9. Campaigns

Campaigns here I am not saying the boring campaigns we use to have during our school time where they promote their products or some kind of awareness. TRUST ME, they are sick and tired of this. Here I am saying that, universities or colleges should organize workshop and activities with ICT and play with those children as they love their brothers and sisters to teach them. They will not only be motivated but also have the interest in knowing about ICT. For example, multimedia students can organize a workshop in promoting their educational programs and games. TRUST ME, they are going to just love it.

8. Class streaming

For me this is important, once I thought having mixed abilities students in a classroom will encourage them to learn with each other but I changed my mind after my practicum. It will be much easier to design an ICT lesson when they are all the same level. They will go through the learning well and it will be fair for all. If I am introducing a games where they have to arrange sentence, it will be easier for me to adjust the level for them if their streamed in such ways. Overall, all will be interested, motivated and willing to learn.








7. Person-In-Charge

No matter how expert you are in handling ICT or how much experience you have with it, you always need an expert to help you out, right? It would be great if each school is assigned with one or two technicians to help us out if we come across any problem. They can just solve it for you just like that!!! How easy life can be. I do not want the teachers and the administrators to crack their heads and suffer when ICT gives some technical problem, they should only focus on designing the lesson and all other school administrations.

6. ICT facilities and tools

The more the better it is…hahaha….good facilities and ICT tools for both the teachers and pupils is very crucial. I wish I can get all the good and useful facilities in my school regardless whether it is a rural or an urban school. Each and every child has the rights to experience the same thing and the growth. I want them to have equal enjoyment learning like those who are more fortunate because they are also children of Malaysia. Each teacher having laptops, LCD projectors and pupils have the access to computers is important for me and I want an equal learning in my class. This way they learn better.




5. ICT training for all teachers

I wish government or even the school organizers arrange an ICT training for these teachers so they will be exposed and will have the courage to use ICT in designing their lessons. This trainig will enhance every part or learning and also encourages more aweosme lesson plans to be designed.

4. Teachers attitude

Some seniors teachers are so comfortable in their comfortzone and jusr refuse to move from there.They have the experience and the just know how to make their students successful. So we need them. it is our responsibility to change their mind set and make them to use ICT in classroom. we should encourage them and make them realize that they are good at it.

3. Internet coverage

A free Wi-Fi around the school compound would be great to be implemented so that each students and teachers can have access. Students can do their homework if it is ICT related and teachers can have their lessons to be designed and even show students examples of learning directly from the net. Obviously a firewall is required or else only facebook will rule the school.

2. No more text books and heavy school bags

I want them to save their homeworks, projects and notes all online as for example, skydrive in live. So, it will be easier for them to refer their notes anywhere they go and anytime of the day. They can submit and pass up online. So those pity kids do not bring bags bigger than their body size and they can no longer give excuses saying ‘cikgu tak bawa buku” this way, the teacher can keep track for them and it will improve their learning. If will nice to see children walking with a big smile everyday to school without those heavy text books.

1. Student teacher-relationship

For the most important wish that I want to fulfill is the student-teacher relationship. A teacher and students should never be enemies and they should have a strong relationship. This is to have a great learning environment and motivate the students. A teacher who treat each student equally and motivates them to learn, soon or later, those passive, timid and shy pupils to be more confident and they learn more.



Hey there…I am back with lots of experience to be shared….the sweetest and the most bitter experience I went thru during my 3 months of practicum in S.K La Salle…..

Specifically speaking on how did I deal with ICT in this school…to my surprise a school that is placed in Brickfields which is in the middle of Kuala Lumpur do not have plug points in its classrooms…What the hell…they only have 1 media room which has these facilities??? And we have about 8 trainee teachers at one go…hmm…it sucks when all of them want to use it at the same time for their class as our lecturers do observe us at the same time…so how?? You will find out once you have read this…

My title here clearly shows that at times I was lucky to use the ICT facilities but at times bad luck seems to be liking me just too much…The most frustrating part of this was we had some much of ICT class but was unable to use it..

Lesson 1

I got year 1….and this was one of the sweetest thing that ever happen to me…They are so adorable and cute and indeed NAUGHTY…really had a tough time handling especially when u bring in a just a little picture, within seconds they are all over you….and there they go “cikgu cikgu…cikgu cikgu cikgu”non stop. I even have dreams of someone calling me with that in my sleep…just too much of it to be handled I suppose. Back to the topic, they just love music, songs, pictures and their media room for sure…the first lesson I entered into this year 1 of mine…all they said was …”cikgu, bilik media!!!” to be new at this, was wondering what is so special in that room and later got the answer. It was the only room has TV with Kampus Astro, DVD, VCD players and so on…this made me realize that they had so much of thirst for ICT in their lesson..Anyways who loves to be just stuck in classroom and looking at just words and not moving pictures??i hate it. What more children. So, I decided to go to teacher in-charge to get the room. The topic was on clothes, got a really interesting video on that which has a song as well…that day my lesson was delayed…you know why, OH MY GOD, they were so difficult to be handled!!!

The tv and the room itself got them so excited…some went under the table, some went near the TV and some were busy looking and admiring my laptop. I ordered them to go back to their classroom immediately…due to time constrain…I showed them the pictures of clothes and as I mentioned earlier, they did not have any plug points in their classroom, so I transferred the video to my handphone (pheww…it was a walkman phone) and played just the music for them to listen and list me the clothes mentioned in the song and told them to be good and if they do so, I will show them the video in the nest lesson. Since it was a class of 18, I made everyone to come closer and played the song thru my handphone and repeated it so that they can hear clearly what were the clothes mentioned in that song. NOT BAD…it worked!!! They were so quiet and paid full attention in classroom…Couldn’t believe it in my eyes that I actually used my hand phone to conduct my lesson. Not bad right?

Then I had the continuation of the lesson….I knew it will be a big hassle, so went to office, took LCD and borrowed one the teacher’s extension…as I needed two extension to pull the wire from a counseling room so that I can fix the LCD to show them the video. I was so grateful as one of the teacher taught me to do this. THANKS TO HIM. I showed them the video, they were so excited and I manage to handle surprisingly. This was how ICT was in my teaching experience on the first lesson using.

Lesson 2

Now it’s time for food…I mean, time for to tell tell about the lesson on the topic “food” that I taught them. It was so difficult to carry out lesson without any help from ICT and seriously it takes extremely long time to prepare a lesson…but being in SK La Salle, when we prepare for any lesson involving ICT, we always have a backup plan just in case something goes wrong in our one and only media room. The two extension wire method cannot be used all the time as we have to check the timetable of the pupils first before doing that, as for example, if we are having class before recess or after recess or even just before they go back, we cannot use this method, do you all know why, this simply because, our school pupils just don’t walk, either they run or they jump. It’s the school culture I suppose. Due to this, safety has to be ensured first. So, our savior would be the media room but I did not have much problem in handling them in their media room any more, perhaps I am used to them. We are four of us…Sharmila, Luqman, Fahmi and I…we went to check out the media room that was suggested by the teachers if we are going to use any ICT in classroom. The moment we open the door, all of us just went “aaccchhooom..”. it was extremely dusty because the teachers rarely use the room to teach, it was more of a recreational room for them. We got all excited to see all the videos, Cd’s and songs they have there. They had Kampus Astro as I mentioned earlier and it was a super cool LCD tv. We were so relieved till we found out there is no LCD in the room, HOW ARE WE GOING CARRY OUT LESSON??? We were just hunting if we can find anyways to carry out our lesson there so that we can use ICT in classroom. Finally we found out we can actually connect the LCD TV to our laptop with a USB cable that we found. We gave it a try using my laptop and it was just so perfect. Much more clearer and the colors of the pictures look awesome in there. Since we had very limited pupils in a class, the TV was just more than enough. YAY!!! Coming back to the topic food..I used the facility to show them on videos of food in Malaysia, flash pictures. During this lesson, while I was carrying out this lesson, a girl from different institution rush to me I asked me if I could actually give her the room as her lecturer is here observe her. I had no choice but to give in to her. Got back all the pupils back to their classroom, they were all dull as they just hate to come out of the media room.

I was really upset to see them like and they did not have mood to learn after that. So, got a idea, I used the Big Book technique, this time it was Laptop book technique. I got all the kids to sit around and I sat on a chair, showed the slides of the food using the laptop. The laptop took a role of a book and luckily I had my laptop charged fully as it lasted till I finished my lesson. They were all excited again and they had more fun actually as they just love to look at something so close. This how my lesson on food went and I was relieved I was able to follow my lesson as it was planned. This was one of the experiences that actually thought me to quickly make another plan if anything goes wrong.

Lesson 3

Enough of English lesson, now let us move on to Mathematics. I got Year 4 for my mathematics class and when the teachers heard which class I got, they all gave me warning and wished me luck…was not sure why till I entered the class. All they did in class is made noise, fight, fight and fight. At least they had someone to bleed at end of school. Had really a tough time…no technique can actually make them to pay attention, even the headmistress is like nothing for them, they are so used to getting canned and scolding but they do not seem to bother. But ICT did make them to be glued at their chairs and made them to say something about studies. I would really like to thank to my lecturer who set assignments for us to come up with a video kit. I actually use the video kit in my classroom to teach them on time. The videos, games and I also included online games to it. They were so happy over it and some actually said it was their best lesson they ever had in their schooling time. I gave them a clear warning, no fights, no noise if they want to go to media room.

They actually followed my instructions and took part in the lesson. The video was so funny till to the extend they imitated what was in the video. When it came to online games, I gave each and everyone to come in front and take part in the game. None of them made noise while taking turns. They were such an angel that time.

So, to wrap up, I knew that ICT can do wonders to children and I really hope that the schools will actually look into this and make the schools to have all of the ICT facilities so that each and every children will enjoy learning.

These are some of the experiences that I went thru using ICT for my lessons. But, I had a really great time with all those children..i learnt a lot from them and I really do miss them. Although it was a boy’s school but they had some of respect on teachers and I did not even feel how did my 3 months of practicum went. Finally, thank you SK La Salle (1) Brickfield for all the memories that I will treasure forever. Till then buddies, we meet again..bye and have a great day ahead!

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